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The NYLOCASTER is an S-type electric guitar with nylon strings.




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★★★★★ Dan Sistos - The Nylocaster is not like any other solid body nylon string guitar. It has a wonderful tone and huge natural dynamics. If you closed your eyes you would never know it is an electric guitar!


★★★★★ Chris Horney - The Nylocaster by Ben Woods is hands down the easiest and best sounding live amplified nylon string guitar solution I've seen in my entire life. By far the best sounding plug and play nylon string guitar I've ever encountered. It just sounds like a simple, well balanced flamenco/classical guitar. Period.

If you are tired of setting up microphones, bringing portable phantom power to gigs for condenser mics, or feedback during sensitive guitar performance situations, then this guitar is your solution.

★★★★★ Chris Manley - i love the guitar. The Nylocaster has exceeded all my expectations. Came set up perfectly and ready to play. It sounds amazing straight into my Fishman Loudbox, but is also an amazing "silent" practice tool for sleepless nights. As an added bonus it can handle overdrive pedals, which my other Flamenco guitars most decidedly cannot!


★★★★★ Kevin O’Donnell - Perfect for getting that classical sound.  I've had many compliments on it.  My son who is a much better classical and flamenco player than I is in love with it.


★★★★★ Paul Whitt - Love my Nylocaster i use it for fingerstyle-jazz, flamenco themed instrumentals and even works well with distortion. 


★★★☆☆ Tasuo Kumagai - The guitar sounds very nice. It took me little to dial in the eq. I play through a Fender Super Champ X2 and a DV MARK LITTLE JAZZ. I was worried about the intonation, but it’s in tune, although the guitar doesn’t have 6 separate saddles. My issue is the frets. It’s a Fender issue. Since the guitar is the least expensive model, they don’t spend time to dress the frets. A wider neck at the nut will be easier to play. 


★★★★★ Patrick Capponi - I am very happy your Nylocaster made its way to Switzerland. It is such an amazing comfortable and easy to play solid body nylon string guitar. The sound is wonderful. I play it almost every day and the more I play the more I love it. Unplugged the Nylocaster is great for silent practicing. 

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